ATD Health Network, owner of medical Q&A site, has revealed a funding round of USD $3M from a group of angel investors as it begins to evolve into a full medical services provider. Among the backers are a number of physicians who will support the company not only with money but also by consulting directly on the company's expanding product line.

Until now, ATD has focused chiefly on providing expert, one-on-one advice from physicians to users via However, the Toronto-based startup has plans to add bookings, referrals and even real-life clinics to its stables. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Suneel Sharman explains:

"With rising costs and accessibility barriers health providers will need to take an innovative, streamlined and hybrid approach to get people the care they need. Our goal is to maximize the efficiencies of online physician advice combined with booking services and clinics to help people everywhere get healthcare answers and treatment quickly.”

ATD is already in the process of setting up the first of these clinics in Hyderabad, India. A quick look at Alexa suggests that the company already has a growing brand in that region.

This hybrid approach is becoming increasingly popular. One Medical Group for example has a number of clinics across the USA but it also offers video consultations. Another US startup, ZocDoc, provides booking technology for in-person appointments as well as an online Q&A service.

While ATD plans to use its capital to kickstart the expansion, the team acknowledges that they will need significantly more money to fund such a rollout. The plan is to raise a further round in the range of USD $30M.